Your Revenue Cycle Management Solution

Streamline your revenue cycle management and increase cash flow.

Medical Revenue Cycle Management

A complete revenue cycle solution that will optimize your day-to-day processes and increase your bottom line and improve efficiencies.

Appeals & Denial Auditing

We analyze all insurance denials and appeal claims in a timely manner to maximize reimbursement to your facility.


We resolve aged, difficult-to-pay accounts that were slated for write offs. Creating revenue in places you've discounted.

3rd Party Recovery Services

We expedite lagging third party liability collections. We research and finalize accounts that are missing reports, insurance information and more.

We Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Medical Software

We navigate several Revenue Cycle platforms with ease- that translates into less downtime and training.

Our staff is well versed in systems such as:

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Risk-Free Services

We Don't Get Paid Unless You Do.

One of our core principles at EXCEL is to treat our customers with the highest level of respect, honesty, and transparency. 

For that reason, our pricing structure is very simple. We take on your denied accounts and we get to work on them. If we can’t overturn any of the accounts, then clearly we’re of no service to you, and you shouldn’t be forced to pay for that. However, when we do overturn those denials and increase revenue for our organization, then we’ll charge the fee that we agreed on. 

What does all of this boil down to? It’s simple. 

We want to make choosing EXCEL as simple and obvious as possible. Test Us. Send us accounts that have been slated for write-offs, underpayment, short-payed, or labeled as lack of medical necessity and watch us go to work. We’re so confident in our systems, processes, and abilities that we’re confident we’re going to be overturned at least some of those accounts.

Choosing EXCEL comes at absolutely no risk to you. Only pay if you’ve seen accounts overturned and revenue increased. 

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Industry Partners

Healthcare receivable management companies

Answers To Some Questions You Might Have

Answers to some of the most common questions we’ve come across over the years. If you have any other questions, contact us and we’ve love to help.

We’re completely specialized in the HealthCare industry. We have over 25 years of experience working with health care professionals of all scopes and sizes. 

We definitely do. Whether your practice is a one person operation or a full-fledged hospital with thousands of employees, we can help you increase your bottom line. 

There is no volume commitment with us! Whether it’s one account every now and then or a couple of boxes / list every week, we always welcome your business. Use us when you need us. We take the position that we’re here to help when the need arises.

We always welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves for potential clients and there is no better way than to simply try us out for a while.

Once you’ve tried our services, the RESULTS obtained will prove Excel’s worth to your facility…

Our fees are solely contingent upon our success, and are based upon a percentage of the amount recovered. This is the only fee that we’ll ever charge you. If you think about it, it’s really a “win-win” situation. We only get paid when you get paid.

Naturally, because we truly believe that we’re the BEST. Give us the opportunity and we’ll prove it.

Here’s our challenge:

Send us any accounts that the other firms have closed and returned to you. We’ll do everything that we can to turn those accounts into revenue. If we don’t, you still haven’t lost anything, and you’ll know the other firms are working the accounts properly. If we turn these old accounts into cash, then the option is clear. 


Consulting Services

Consulting That Makes A Difference

Code Training

Train your staff with the best and most up-to-date codes in the healthcare industry and minimize denials.

A/R Audit & Workflow Optimization

Your accounts receivables department is the life force of your hospital. the better it's working, better your hospital can work. We come in and audit and train your department to improve workflows, increase cash flow, and increase revenue.

Contract Reviews

We review all existing contracts and provide recommendations based on payers complying with contracts and payors that aren't paying in a timely manner according to the contracts.

Utilization Management Program

We ensure effective and efficient utilization of your facilities and services through ongoing monitoring of overuse, underuse, and inefficient scheduling of resources.


What Clients Are Saying About Us

I wanted to take a moment and drop you a letter to share with you that Jackson Health System received payment on those old denials that we placed with you. Your team did an outstanding job and we really appreciate all the hard work. These accounts were "DEAD" we had spent countless hours on them, had appealed them more than once, escalated to senior leadership at the plan and somehow you got them paid!
Charles Bearham Review Image
Charles Bearham, Jr. CPAM
Director of Corporate Business Office
Jackson Health Systems
I'm pleased to recommend EXCEL to any organization seeking a company with detailed knowledge of Managed Care Collections, appeals and Denials, and comprehensive contract auditing. In the 3 years since we engaged Excel, they have been very successful in overturning accounts previously denied by Managed Care payors. Excel's staff is highly trained and motivated and has extensive knowledge in the areas of Managed Care Appeals and Denials. I would not hesitate to recommend Excel to any organization looking for a highly professional and dedicated firm that strives to achieve all expectations to meet their clients' needs.
Excel Client Review
Linda S. Lujan
Director, Business Office and Physician Billing
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Daisy and her staff are a wonderful group of professionals working on delivering results to all her clients. I would recommend Excel HealthCare without hesitation.Daisy is a hands on professional and knows her business very well. Dr. Laura A Leyva MBA-HS, LHCRM
Dr. Laura Leyva
Dr.Laura Leyva, MBA,H.S.,
Consultant at Palmetto Lakes Surgical Center, LLC
I want to thank you for all the service EXCEL HealthCare has provided to mercy hospital for over five years during my tenure here at Mercy and express to you that EXCEL has a much higher rate of return on denials/short-pays than I have experienced in the marketplace. I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship between EXCEL and Mercy Hospital.
Cal McDaniel
Cal McDaniel
Senior Director of Patient Financial Services
Mercy Hospital

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