we can helpCollecting on Insurance and managed care claims can be one of the most time consuming processes in receivable management. Excel has over 30 years of experience with the industry and our expertise has developed the confidence and professional networking relationships that enable us to collect on claims that often would go unpaid. By choosing Excel as your recovery firm, we will work as an extension of your facility providing you with faster recovery on unpaid claims and fewer denials which will help improve your bottom line.

Second Level Appeals

With the constant changes to rules and regulations within the medical and insurance industries, innovation is key. Excel strives to not only stay on top of these changes but to find ways to improve their own processes to increase our rate of success. The appeals process requires a knowledge of how both sides of the equation works, the medical facilities processes and understanding the insurance companies contracts.

registered nurses on staff Excel has Registered Nurses on staff who specializes in medical records to assist in the Appeals and Denials Process. Our RNs add a clinical perspective and aids in the reimbursement process. They are able to provide the medical expertise needed to supply the needed support for validating a successful appeal. This enables Excel to dispute denials quickly and effectively from a clinical pespective without having to involve your staff with medical questions regarding claims. Excel is here to assist you and your staff, not to create more work for you.
This can potentially save your facility from and additional staffing costs, as well as freeing up your staff to devote time to your current Accounts Receivable.

Our Fees

Excel’s fees are contingent based on the revenue we are able to recover. No other fees or charges are assessed to the facility. This creates a win-win situation. Please visit our Success Stories page.