About Us

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Established in July of 1996, Excel Healthcare Receivable Management & Consulting Corp. was created by Daisy Martinez, President/CEO to meet the needs of hospitals and medical facilities. Due to the influx of HMOs, PPO’s and the infamous silent PPO’s, along with the complexity in understanding the contract language and keeping up to-date with the new rules an regulations, Accounts Receivable Management and Recovery has become a very difficult task to manage for hospitals and medical facilities. This has become have become a complex situation, requiring expertise, dedication and time, with an end result, of making the hospitals and medical facilities bottom line less profitable. Reimbursement on claims has become a difficult task due to complexity and the expertise it requires.

With the numerous managed care, HMO, and PPO companies, each with their own contracts, policies, and procedure requirements for filing claims, it is difficult for any hospital or medical facility to keep track of what must be done with each insurance company and with each claim. Simply managing the payors and keeping up with the compliance of their contracts becomes a burden.

Excel understands that simply managing the different payor contracts is one of the most difficult tasks facing Account Receivable Managers. Excel was created to assist hospitals and medical facilities deal with the issues of reimbursement for Denied Claims, Unpaid Claims, and Claims Not Paid according to contract. Excel has contract specialists and RN’s on staff with the expertise required to thoroughly review the contracts and determining if the claims were paid in accordance with the contracts.

Our high standard of service as well as our success in collecting claims and streamlining processes has led to numerous referrals. As a result Excel has clients nation wide, yet we still provide personalized service to all our clients.

Please visit our Success Stories page to see our success with claims that were deemed noncollectable.