• Excel HealthCare Receivable Management & Consulting Corp.

    Through our auditing, collection, and consulting services we are a complete solution when it comes to healthcare revenue recovery. The longer claims are left uncollected the less chance there is for recovering them.
  • How Excel Can Benefit Your Organization

    Excel provides the solutions you need in receivables management. We specialize in healthcare revenue recovery and other valuable services... [Click for more information.]
  • Success Stories

    Excel can succeed where others have failed. We know how to work with insurance companies to quickly resolve any problems with unpaid claims. We work as an extension of your office... [Click for more information.]
  • Who is EXCEL?

    Excel HealthcareExcel HealthCare Receivable Management & Consulting Corp. ("Excel") is a specialized firm. We are not a collection agency, nor are we a law firm. However, we are known for doing one thing very well at EXCEL, and that is overturning Denials and Rejections from third party payors. Our expertise is Appeals & Denials.

  • I already have a specialty firm working my accounts. Why should I try EXCEL?

    Naturally, because we truly believe that we're the BEST. Give us the opportunity and we'll prove it. Refer to EXCEL those accounts that the other firms have closed and returned to you. We'll do everything that we can to turn those accounts into revenue. If we don't, you still haven't lost anything, and you'll know the other firms are working the accounts properly. If we turn these old accounts into cash, then you can determine what to do.